WPCS - WordPress Currency Switcher


Allows to manipulate with currencies before showing their drop-downs on the front, example:

Structure of the data in variable $currencies in the example above is:

  from ver.2.1.2/1.1.2


Manipulation on the price by hook, for example rounding. Hook is in public function price().



Use this hook if you want to add any additional information text after the price string.



This hook allows manipulations with view of the currency switcher if its necessary.

For example if you want to change currency switcher view in mobile browsers:

Possible values: no ddslick chosen chosen_dark wselect flags    


Hook in public function init_currency_symbols which allows manipulate by currency symbols in the plugin.



This hook uses in public function get_currencies of the plugin:

So you can use it for any manipulations with the currencies data. Example:



Use this action-hook to make any data of your site currency switch-able. Example:

$value – is any decimal data which keeps in any meta field in basic currency